What to Wear for Portraits? The Dorminy Family got it right!
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
By Whitney Gray
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What do you think is the most stressful part about getting family photos taken?  I'd say it's probably picking out clothes for everyone!  The good ol' easy days of white polos and jeans are long over, sorry to say.  Here are a few tips to help make the process easier:

- Pick one flattering color that doesn't clash with the trees, depending on the season.  For example, hot pink will clash with Fall leaves. 

- Muted colors photograph best with the natural colors at the farm.  For example: Cranberry, navy, deep greens and cream- YES.  Hot pink, vivid turquoise, bright red and bright white- NO.

- Each season has dominant background colors.  Schedule your session based on which dominant color blends with your home decor and the colors that flatter your hair/skin coloring.  Summer: Deep greens and bright blue.  Fall:  Yellow, some orange and rust.  Winter:  Brown and grey.  Spring: Yellow-green leaves and bright blue

- Choose 2 other colors that compliment the main color.  One could be a neutral, such as cream, brown, grey or black. 

- It's fine for everyone to wear jeans.

- Please NO White shirts with skinny stripes or plaid for men!  The contrast between white and the dark color cause a digital malfunction called "moire"- a swirling effect that is very difficult to fix in photoshop.  It's best to stick with solids for men.

- Prints are fine- in moderation- depending on the prints.  One tip:  If you could wear the prints together, they will work for your family photos.


The Dorminy family followed all of these suggestions:  The colors of the leaves compliment their hair color and the clothing.  The clothes are not too matchy-matchy.  The fun prints look nice together.  These portraits printed beautifully and their album is gorgeous! 

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