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Saturday, November 17, 2012
By Whitney Gray
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The Color Run is without a doubt the HAPPIEST 5K on the planet!  We ran it this morning at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, in 40 degree weather with 15 mph winds, and YES- we were still happy!   Tons of fun!  SO glad we did it.  Proceeds from the race go to a worthy cause:  Habitat for Humanity.  I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I was afraid the colored cornstarch would get on my camera, so I stayed a safe distance away.

Some Color Run Tips:  Sign up right away when registration opens- it sells out QUICK.  DANCE when you go through the color gauntlets so they spray more color on you.  Or even LAY DOWN on the ground and roll around in the color like my kids did.   Take a small backpack so you can drink water along the way.  The color tastes kinda chalky.  Wear tutus, wigs, pink fur leg warmers, colorful socks, goggles/sunglasses, and tiaras- all at the same time.  Why not?  Don’t take pictures with your cell phone during the finale at the end- people were so busy fiddling with their phones, that they missed the fun.  Take pictures of the next group’s finale.  Make sure you have towels on the seats of the car.  Get a big group of family and friends to run together!  That’s what we’re going to do next time!


My colorful family

I don’t know these ladies, but they sure were having a GREAT time!

These people were dancing like no one was watching!

The shortest adult here is ME.

My sister, Lauren and niece, Avery

My son and daughter standing in front of the fan to blow off the excess color- pretty chilly in 45 degree weather!

The chilly weather didn’t seem to bother this shirtless guy at all!

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