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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
By Whitney Gray
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I usually take lots of scenery pictures at Sunset Beach, but this year I spent most of my time either boating, jet skiing, or playing on the beach.  I decided to capture pictures of my silly family instead.  (You can see past Sunset Beach scenery posts HERE and HERE and HERE...  It's really crazy to see how much the kids have grown!)  Speaking of almost grown, my son Roman turned 16 on July 27 so of course I had to take tons of him.  You may recognize the same bridge from previous pictures of my daughter, Morgan in the other Sunset Beach posts.  My nephew Alan also turned 16 on April 23, so I tortured him a little bit too.  ;)  Fun was had by all.  It just goes by so quickly!  I cried when we left, as usual.

That's us!
Beach Goals 2013- One of our yearly traditions


Avery has the Angelina Jolie leg thing going on. :)
Avery's Taekwondo moves!
I know this one is blurry, but I love her expression. What a pretty child!


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