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Monday, September 30, 2013
By Whitney Gray
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It’s no secret that I LOVE Colorado!  In fact, I truly think that Jim and I would live there if we didn’t have all of our family on the East coast.  Thankfully, Jim’s business has expanded to Colorado so he needs to go out there at least once a year to check up on things and meet with clients.  And I get to do some photo shoots when I’m there!

This trip was different from the moment we landed:  It was raining.  Certainly strange for September in Colorado, where the average rainfall is only 1.2 inches for the whole month.  We didn’t realize that horrible flooding was happening in Boulder only 30 miles away.  I had planned a photo shoot in Boulder and Estes Park for the next day, but that obviously wasn’t happening.  How awful to see the destruction of beautiful Colorado on TV!  With heavy hearts we decided to head west to Aspen and Grand Junction since the water was flowing south to Denver and the roads were flooding.

Ashcroft is a mining ghost town, established in 1880, located on the outskirts of Aspen.  It was abandoned in the 1890’s when the silver boom ended.  The town was a stage station on the Old Taylor Pass Toll Road.  These buildings- a few houses, the post office, and a hotel- are what’s left of the town.

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